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If you just came here to see outdated podcasts, welcome.  It's been a while since I've done interviews and even longer since I've done any audio editing for IndieInterviews.

I have been busy with my full-time work. (You didn't think this was a job did you?)  In addition, I've been contributing both in writing, topic selection and design for my friend Chris Cantalini's oh-so-popular blog  In addition to the blog, I've been recording and producing his weekly radio program for Sirius satellite radio -- cleverly titled "GorillaVs Bear Blog Radio."  We've had a handful of great guests (Tapes 'n Tapes, St. Vincent, Tim DeLaughter and Voxtrot) as well as some truly incredible live "studio" recordings often done in vechicles.  Dana Falconberry, Peter and the Wolf's Red Hunter and Sparrow House's Jared VanFleet have overwhelmingly wowed Chris and myself.

That being said, IndieInterviews isn't dead.  It's just paused.  I don't know exactly if it'll take the same form when we start it back up.  I've been wanting to do a lot of text interviews.  The text form allows me to design .pdfs which I really enjoy and is an overall simpler method than recording and editing audio.  I've turned into that which I started the site to avoid.  I've also considered doing more video.  But video is more time consuming than audio, and it's time -- not passion -- that I'm lacking.

Will it start with 2007?  I don't know the answer to that. But I, with the help of other bright minds, will return and make use of this exciting site and cleverly-titled domain.  Thanks for visiting.

While you patiently wait, here's my Top 30 tracks of 2006.  You probably saw this list and commentary at GvsB but if not, here it is again.

- The Album Leaf Wishful Thinking
- Band of Horses The First Song
- Birdmonster The Bar in the Back of the Basement
- Cat Power Living Proof
- Alela Diane Pieces of String
- Ghostface Killah Be Easy
- Emily Haines A Maid Needs A Maid
- Oh No! Oh My! I Love You All The Time
- Spank Rock Coke & Wet
- Sunset Rubdown They Took A Vote And Said No
20. Thom Yorke The Clock
19. Joanna Newsom Sawdust & Diamonds
18. Midlake Young Bride
17. Camera Obscura If Looks Could Kill
16. Peter and the Wolf The Bonsai Tree
15. J. Tillman My Waking Days
14. Catfish Haven Crazy For Leaving
13. TV on The Radio I Was a Lover
12. Sound Team Back In Town
11. The Futureheads Back To The Sea
10. Man Man Ice Dogs
I've been meaning to write iTunes to reclassify Man Man as soul. Peeling back the chaotic yet truly innovative outer skins of Man Man, the listener will find they've exposed some of the strongest melodies and hooks currently being written. If they were given the chance to play this song on national television, they would be the biggest band in America.

9. Sparrow House When I Am Gone
This song (and the entire Falls EP) turned out being exactly what I had hoped the Midlake record would be. What Trials of Van Occupanther was for the distant spring season, Sparrow House's Falls is for the corresponding season. Just like Chris, this song has one of the top iTunes play counts -- try putting it on and listening once. It's harder than you'd think.

8. The Raconteurs Blue Veins
Somehow in 2006, Jack White and team made a song containing every element I love about classic rock. Initially this song was a skip track. I didn't appreciate how easily one could pinpoint the song's obvious influences (most noticeable is Led Zeppelin). But after a few listens, you realize that it isn't wrong of them to borrow from the best. It's simply reproducing that which we (20 somethings) wish we could experience.

7. Ratatat Wildcat
It seems simple and nearly calculated but it's so fresh and clever. Maybe it's the calculated simplicity that is what makes it seem also fresh and clever. AND this would for sure be the theme song for my embarrassingly weak, more adorable/geeky than threatening, white-boy gang.

6. Grizzly Bear Plans
The production of this record should become legendary -- equally gigantic and confounding as Stonehenge or the Pyramids. What I love about this record, as well as the John Vanderslice 2-track record (#8 of 2006), is the active element of the room/studio/space. The space is as present as vocals. After many listens, I think it's their most engaging instrument. If Chris hadn't outlawed it, I probably would have put another Grizzly Bear track on this list.

5. Peter Bjorn and John Young Folks
The second I heard the maracas, I knew it would be a top track of the year. Then there was the bassline and then the whistling and then the male vocal/female vocal relationship dialog. It's nearly scientific.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs Turn Into
This record is so lopsided or it would have easily been my top record of the year. Honestly, the last 3 tracks of this record are better than 50% of 2006's complete records. This song ends in a glorious campfire manner. YYYs use of the acoustic guitar on the record's last tracks gave me a renewed faith in the overly theatrical band.

3. The Knife Marble House
In April Silent Shout was the only album in my car for about 2 months and somehow I never bored of it. The synthscape of "Marble House" develops into a cocoon for one of the record's more emotional tracks. It's has the drive present on most of Silent Shout's tracks without being dancy or abrasive.

2. The Long Winters Hindsight
Lyrically, this song is the song I've wanted to write. In just over four minutes, Roderick explains the universal passion for the hard way, long roads and hopeless underdogs.

1. Voxtrot Soft & Warm
If I had to have an Artist of the Year, it would be Voxtrot. My late introduction to Raised by Wolves combined with the addictive Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives and adding to that, seeing a half dozen of their live performances has equalled something close to a musical obsession. This song holds lyrical gems ("I'd leave you for the person you used to be") that carry amazingly accurate sentiment. This song is often the first that I share with people wanting to know what I listen to.

- Garrison Reid

Category:General -- posted at: 12:52pm CST

Birdmonster entered bloggers' and critics' consciousness in October of last year on the strength of a self-released EP that, with its brash Springsteen-meets-Fugazi aesthetic, opened doors to high profile supporting slots with the likes of Art Brut, Sound Team, Catfish Haven, and Division Day, not to mention the type of buzz that forces Pitchfork to wallow in its limitations as a credible source for anything.

The San Francisco quartet's storied live shows and unique D.I.Y. sensibility very much paved that road, but, as they revealed last month on an eerie Dallas night, Birdmonster's true ambitions are focused on the songs and an ever-growing sonic palette.

This week, Birdmonster's Peter Arcuni and David Klein sit down to discuss their just-released debut long player, No Midnight, and how the experience of communicating their live energy on that record whet the band's appetite to develop their studio sound and the burgeoning songwriting methodologies that will shape their sophomore effort.

The Birdmonster Beauty Bar photo and more by Chad Wadsworth.

Mp3: Birdmonster - "'Cause You Can"

Mp3: IndieInterviews podcast
Direct download: 15ish_Minutes_with_Birdmonster.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:43pm CST

On a sweltering Friday evening in June, Barry Hyde of UK quartet, The Futureheads, kindly invited me into the band's well-equipped (and air conditioned) tour bus to escape, well, the summer and the throngs encircling Dallas' Gypsy Tearoom.

"How can you possibly stand this heat?" he asked as we sat down.

"I can't," I remarked.

When we sat down, Hyde, the Futureheads' frontman and chief songwriter, cut right to the chase and thoughtfully unraveled the executional and philosophical approaches to the songs and harmonies on their just-released News and Tributes LP, exhaustively contrasting their latest effort with their critically-acclaimed eponymous debut.

Assessing the Futureheads' rise -- and his scorn for their former label, Warner Brothers -- Hyde generously shed light on the inner-workings of a band that began, as he will admit, with few and simple expectations.

If there ever was any uncertainty about their rise, Hyde et al affirmed his confidence, and the audience's high expectations, pushing the limits, lengths, and structures of their crafty cache of songs for almost two hours. It was an impressive set and, for your host, at least, the show dutifully proved why the Futureheads have garnered such praise from a growing network of famous friends, influential publications, bloggers, hipsters, and the rest.

Downloadable PDF of Episode 41: The Futureheads

Download Podcast of Episode 41: The Futureheads

Direct download: Episode_41__The_Futureheads.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:28pm CST

John Roderick Explains <em>Putting The Days To Bed </em>Lyrics

Over the last two years, The Long Winters have quickly become one of my all-time favorite groups. The pop songs have crisp and precise production paired with articulate and emotionally insightful lyrics. If possible, I could sit for hours talking with frontman John Roderick about his songs and the ingredients that make these records truly incredible.  

Through a series of e-mail exchanges, Roderick has answered some highly specific questions concerning lyrics off the new record.  Putting the Days to Bed will be released July 25th on Barsuk Records.

I have placed the lyrics in the order they appear on the record. Enjoy.

Track 1: "Pushover" - "Unkind girlish walk, like a deed to the world without the talk"

JR: Well... you know there are some coquettish walks, some flabbergastingly captivating gaits, which cross the line. They aren't innocent, they're wielded like a flaming sword, and they have the power to own a man for a period. That doesn't mean they're a force for good in the world.

Track 3: "Teaspoon" - "You weighed your suitcase down, but it still wouldn't sink"

JR: This happens to all of us at one point or another. We have a small suitcase worth of stuff, thoughts, feelings, recent events, that we would give anything to just sink to the bottom of the sea, but it's always that suitcase that refuses to go down. You can't just leave it floating there, so you have to take the damn thing home again.

Track 4: "Hindsight" - "I'm baling water and baling water 'cause I like the shape of the boat"

JR: I'm afraid that this lyric is already perfectly self-explanitory. When I say it's self-explanatory I'm not trying to be difficult, it's just to me nothing could be clearer than a lyric like that. It's a lyric about the small-scale, almost charming, tendency we all have toward self-destruction. If we weren't humans, if we were able to judge like computers or Vulcans, the only logical criteria for a BOAT would be that it floats without leaking. How it looks couldn't be less relevant to how it functions. Our humanity is revealed by our love for lost causes, for three-legged dogs and rusted-out "classic" cars, and there's something pathetic about us for that reason. The same eye that loves art and music will plunge us into buying a house with a cracked foundation, while a perfectly solid, and cheaper, house next door is rejected for being not as "cute". I celebrate this quality in people; it's what makes us interesting, and lovable, and individual, even if it means that we're doomed, somewhat. Why be in a relationship with someone? For love, comfort, support and encouragement. How many of us are in relationships that provide none of those things, but which we fight for against all odds?

Track 5: "The Sky Is Open" - "My propeller tries to find the air"

JR: Overtly, this is meant literally: the pilot is so high up and the air is so thin that his propellor is cleaving into the ragged edge of a vacuum. Indirectly it refers to the propellor in each of us which is always chewing up the air, taking us higher, hungry for sky.

Track 7: "Clouds" - "False prophesy doesn't mean prophesies are true"

JR: I'm continually amazed at how easy it is for people to recognize and laugh at the preposterous aspects of every religion but their own.

Track 8: "Rich Wife" - "So tell me, is your high horse getting a little hard to ride -- and your little bit on the side getting harder to find"

JR: You can be a snotty little brat all you want when you're twenty-five, but the day you turn twenty-seven you start to notice your friends don't think it's so cute anymore.

Track 9: "Ultimatum" - "Crave translates into slave, No-one can harness the rain, And I can make myself into rain,You feel me on your cheek, And on your sleeve"

JR: When you're in love it's very easy to start ascribing supernatural powers to your lover. "How can they make me feel like I'm about to explode, yet they seem so unperturbed?" I have felt so strongly about someone that I wouldn't have been surprised if they had just turned themselves into rain, so powerful did they seem and so inconsequential was my hold on them.

Track 11: "Seven" - "Did you see me the way I imagined, every eyelash a picket or a wire?"

JR: I see people in their teens and early twenties all the time who are blatantly shielding themselves from intimacy by wearing ridiculous costumes, or by talking constantly about themselves, or by being hyper-shy, or by a thousand other methods. When you get a little older you abandon those transparent ploys, because adults don't respond to them as well, but a great many people want to maintain their defenses and just shrink them down until they're an invisible veil over the eyes.

Previously: IndieInterviews talked with John Roderick about Ultimatum in a December podcast.

Direct download: 01_Pushover.mp3
Category:General -- posted at: 5:42pm CST

15 Minutes with Peter and the Wolf

Before his recent Dallas show, I had the chance to pull Red aside for an expansive interview and an impromptu recording session, which resulted in two single-mic performances of some of his most beloved songs, "Red Sun" from Peter and the Wolf and Adventure from MTV2's Wonder Showzen.

Red Hunter isn't like most musicians I've talked with over the last year. Maybe that's because he's so willing to ponder, detail, even perform, his many diverse interests. He will tell you about playing shows in graveyards and dressing up like a Vet for a case study in audience reaction.  He will tell you about jokingly suggesting he and a peer tour in a sailboat.  He will cite Chomsky and address the perils of media propaganda and, in a twist, tie it all -- and convincingly so -- to independent music. He will offer perspectives, ideas, and insights that only hint at why he's one of the more compelling figures in underground music

Peter and the Wolf - Red Sun (IndieInterviews) (mp3)

Red Hunter - Adventure (Wonder Showzen cover) (Indie Interviews exclusive mp3)

Upcoming Peter and the Wolf Dates
7.06 San Diego, Scolari's Office
7.07 Los Angeles, The Echo
7.08 Los Angeles, Il Corral
7.09 San Francisco, Hotel Utah
7.12 Portland, Towne Lounge
7.13 Seattle, S.S. Marie Antoinette
7.14 Victoria BC, Orange Hall
7.15 Vancouver BC Pat's Pub
7.18 Seattle, live on KAOS at 9pm
7.20 Salt Lake City, Vagabond
7.21 Denver, Rhinoceropolis
7.22 Omaha, O'Leavers
7.23 Lincoln, Chatterbox
7.24 Ames, The Practice Space
7.25 Iowa City, The Hall Mall
7.26 Columbia, Ragtag
7.27 Columbia, Live on KOPN at 3pm
7.27 St. Louis, The Ground Floor
7.28 Chicago, Logan Square
7.31 Ypsilanti, Banana Tina
8.02 Kutztown, GoodVibes
8.03 Charlottesville, Tea Bazaar
8.04 Baltimore, Talking Head
8.05 Philly, Avant Gentlemen's Lodge
8.09 Portsmouth, Chutney Flatz
8.10 Portland, Strange Maine
8.11 Montreal, Green Room
8.12 Toronto, Tranzac
8.13 Rochester, The Bug Jar
8.14 Kingston, KMOCA
8.15 Northampton, Gallery THINK
8.17 Boston, P.A.'s Lounge
8.18 NYC, Goodbye Blue Monday

Direct download: 15_Minutes_with_Peter_and_the_Wolf.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:36pm CST

Episode 40: The Streets
This week, British MC Mike Skinner of The Streets, sits down with your host, Garrison Reid, to discuss his private imprint, The Beats, and various other business flirtations, the essence of American rap culture, and the relative disparities in courting women at home and abroad.

In addition, we've taken the podcast and brought it to new life in a downloadable PDF filled with the text of the interview and amazing photos taken at The Streets Austin tour date by Chad Wadsworth. As we've hit podcast 40, we're looking for some feedback. What have been some of your favorites so far? What are your thoughts on the new transcription feature? Hasn't the audio quality improved in the last 11 months? Feel free to leave your thoughts within the comments section.

Download Audio: Episode 40: The Streets

Downloadable PDF of Episode 40

Visit Chad Wadsworth's Flickr

Direct download: Episode_40__The_Streets.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 1:19am CST

On the eve of the release of their highly anticipated Capitol Records debut, "Movie Monster," Sound Team's Matt Oliver and Sam Sanford discuss, among other things, the band's rigorous approach to multimedia filtration and typographic design, their give-and-take collaboration with famed indie producer, Mike McCarthy, and their multi-pronged songwriting aesthetic.

Full Downloads from Movie Monster
Sound Team - Movie Monster
Sound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars

Stream the Born to Please video clip.

Previous Sound Team IndieInterviews
Bill Baird from early August 2005

"My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford
"The new record I'm into is" by Sam Sanford
"My favorite city to play in is" by Sam Sanford
"Explains 'Your Eyes Are Liars" by Sam Sanford
"If I could ask" by Sam Sanford

Direct download: 15MinutesWithSoundTeam.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 2:15pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with We Are Scientists. The band discusses filming comical music videos, working with The Lonely Island guys and the relationship between Pitchfork and major labels.


Here's a "comprehensive smattering" of the band's national tour with friends Arctic Monkeys.

Direct download: Episode_39__We_Are_Scientists.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:55am CST

Chevy Express van + John Vanderslice + Tiny Telephone + Del + Exodus Damage Remix + Gypsy Tearoom + 35mm + San Francisco + "Trance Manual" music video + Hitchcock's Young and Innocent + MacGuffin + Tom Waits' chicken coop + DCist + Hasselblad + Chris' aesthetic = Episode 38: John Vanderslice (mp3)

You might be saying this isn't YouTube or Flickr. You are right, but if you have any additional tags that might describe the interview, feel free to comment them.

Episode 38 with John Vanderslice is another special 30-minute episode previously done with John Roderick of the Long Winters, Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set, The Wrens and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

Direct download: Episode_38__John_Vanderslice.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:48am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with John Grant of The Czars. John discusses the impact of delayed US releases, incorporating foreign languages into his writing and playing with pronouns.

More description coming soon.

Direct download: Episode_37__The_Czars.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:30am CST

Kyp Malone describes the Return of Cookie Mountain song Province:

Abridged transcription
"We were playing festivals and recording in hotel bathrooms. ... I wanted to write something positive and uplifting. Watching and taking in all this dark bullshit that's happening in our world all the time. ... We were walking down the street and I saw graffiti on the side of this building. Someone had quoted Gandhi.  They wrote 'Love is the prerogative of the brave.'"
Soundbed music is "Walking The Cow", a Daniel Johnston cover from The Late Great Daniel Johnston, available for purchase here.

Download: Kyp Malone - 5 of 5 (m4a)
Download: Kyp Malone - 3-4 of 5 (m4a)
Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)
Direct download: Kyp_Malone_of_TV_on_the_Radio_-_5_of_5.mp4
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:01am CST

Favorite city to play in
"I haven't been to Cairo.  I haven't been to Lagos.  I haven't played in Mexico City."

How did the recording with Bowie come about?
"And we dropped of the roughs of the record as we were working on it. And he dug 'em."

About the album leak, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain and a "change in psychology"
"One is the one we're not putting out and one is the one we are putting out."

Soundbed music is "Dry Drunk Emperor" and "Staring at the Sun" found here.

More audio available later today.

Download: Kyp Malone - 3-4 of 5 (m4a)
Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)
Direct download: Kyp_Malone_of_TV_on_the_Radio_-_3-4_of_5.mp4
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:53am CST

MiniInterview - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio

Last Sunday, a few friends of mine and I spent the day relaxing -- drinking some margaritas at Lee Harvey's, learning to dj from DJ Pedro himself and topped off the rare beautiful breezy Texas day with an amazing TV on the Radio show at Gypsy Tearoom.

I had never seen this band live before. I've heard stories of the "experience" or "the best live show" and read the quote in the most recent Filter where the band themselves say you might not understand the performance. I told Adam after the show, "I rarely think this when I leave a show, but HOW do they do this night after night?" The energy released through the vocals (and arm movements) of Tunde Adebimpe is intense. The band unites and the cohesive sounds on record are equally powerful live.

After the show, Adam and I had the chance to talked with Kyp and Tunde of TVOTR. We quickly walked into the empty Ballroom and recorded for less than 10 minutes total.

Here's segment 1 from Kyp Malone; he tells his love for a Narnack Records band, whose music is "honest and organic and not a put- on and not some fake hippie shit." He also talks about a new record and DVD that he feels insired by.

Soundbed music is "Dry Drunk Emperor" found here.

More audio available tomorrow.

Download: Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)
Direct download: Kyp_Malone_of_TV_on_the_Radio_-_1-2_of_5.mp4
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:34am CST

IndieInterviews Exclusive - Ramesh Srivastava (Voxtrot) - "Shayla" (Blondie Cover)

Band/Artist: Ramesh Srivastava (Voxtrot)
Date: April 21th, 2006
Venue: 95 Corolla Studios
Location: Denton, TX

Taped by: Garrison R.
Transferred by: Garrison R.

1. Shayla (Blondie Cover)

After interviewing the band in January and seeing their performances in Dallas and in Austin at SXSW, I stayed in touch. As they entered Denton on this past Friday (after a day of uncertainty caused by van problems), we were discussing a follow-up interview and also a possible song request for that night's concert at Hailey's. I had suggested "Union City Blue" since it's one of my favorite songs off Eat to the Beat. It was a song Ramesh was familiar with but not possible for the entire band.

We met up at the show, talked and he realized the song I was thinking wasn't the same song he was.  The song he was thinking was "Shalya" -- another amazing track from Eat to the Beat.  We went to my car and listened to the song a few times through. Ramesh went looking for an acoustic guitar. I returned into the venue.  Within minutes, he said he had found one.  I said "where were you thinking we'd record?", and he replied "there's probably enough room in your car."  I had no complaints and we went to the quietest place to record -- 95 Corolla Studios as it will forever be called.

This is the output.

Download - Shayla (Blondie Cover)

Full IndieInterviews Interview with Ramesh Srivastava
Direct download: 01_Ramesh_Srivastava_Voxtrot_-_Shayla_Blondie_Cover.mp3
Category:General -- posted at: 8:37am CST

Friday: If I could ask
Sam Sanford of SOUND team

Listen Now

"My name is Sam Sanford and I'm in SOUND team. I guess if any of us could ask questions, we would probably want to get Brian Eno and ask him a lot of technical questions about specific songs and specific sounds on specific songs. How did you make this sound? Like for example on the song "Sky Saw" the first song on Another Green World, how did you make the sky saw sound?"

Full IndieInterviews Interview with SOUND team's Bill Baird from early August 2005
Monday: "My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Thursday: "Explains 'Your Eyes Are Liars" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 6:30am CST

Thursday: Explains 'Your Eyes Are Liars'
Sam Sanford of SOUND team

Listen Now

"My name is Sam Sanford and I'm in SOUND team. 'Your Eyes Are Liars' is a song that started out as a recording that Bill made by himself in our studio, Big Orange. It underwent a lot of transformations during the process of arranging it for live performance. It was rerecorded to reflect those changes in the arrangement and the song you'll hear on the record is that. It's a recording of the live arrangement that we worked out based on the original recording. Which actually came out on a cassette we put out two years ago called Every Day Is A New Year."

SOUND team - Your Eyes Are Liars

Full IndieInterviews Interview with SOUND team's Bill Baird from early August 2005
Monday: "My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 2:46pm CST

Wednesday: My favorite city to play in is
Sam Sanford of SOUND team

Listen Now

"My name is Sam Sanford and I'm in SOUND team. My favorite city to play in Austin, I guess I have to say, because the fans are great there and the clubs are great there. Other than Austin, my favorite city to play in is New York. New York City is great. People go out every night."

Full IndieInterviews Interview with SOUND team's Bill Baird from early August 2005
Monday: "My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 8:22am CST

Tuesday: The new record I'm into is
Sam Sanford of SOUND team

Listen Now

"My name is Sam Sanford and I'm in SOUND team. The new record I'm into is the new TV on the Radio record. Even though I haven't heard it yet, I expect great things. I think their first record was one of the most amazing things to come out in the last ten years and I hear the new one is even better. I'm really excited about them."

Full IndieInterviews Interview with SOUND team's Bill Baird from early August 2005
Monday: "My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 6:30am CST

"My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford of SOUND team Monday: My friend's band is
Sam Sanford of SOUND team

Listen Now

"My name is Sam Sanford and I'm in SOUND team. My friend's band is Science. Science [now Gulf of Mexico] is Joey Kaoehl, Gregory Tenenbeown, Bill Baird, and "Matty", Matthew. And they are a great band from Austin, Texas. Not like anything you've ever heard before."


Full IndieInterviews Interview with SOUND team's Bill Baird from early August 2005

Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 8:26am CST

It's true. I did go to The Elephant Show AKA Sharon, Lois and Bram in concert. I did "scam" Metallica. I do love (I cringe as I write this) world music. I don't have nearly enough records. I am a bad Texan because I don't have boots, I don't eat meat and didn't see At The Drive-In when I had the chance.

Read it at Muzzle of Bees.

Learn all you wanted to know and more in an interview I did with Muzzle of Bees. While you're there read all about some other awesome bloggers in his series Get To Know Your Blogger.

Category:General -- posted at: 9:00am CST

    Things you might learn in this interview with The Grates:
  • SXSW is "heaps of lines", "heaps of bands" and "heaps of beers" .
  • "If you're weak, be prompt."
  • Slingshots are illegal in Australia.
  • To avoid getting sick while on tour, it's best to dress like a ninja.
  • Digital cameras makes movies (sometimes with audio).
  • Rolling Stone will always be gas on fire.
  • "There is no privacy in Australia."
  • Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi is the most boring drink ever.
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Friday: If I could ask
Lenka of Decoder Ring

Listen Now

"Hi. This is Lenka from Decoder Ring. If I could ask any musician a question, it would be Bjork. And I think I just want to know why we can't just make a baby together? But I don't think I'd have the guts to ask it 'cause she'd probably slap me."
IndieInterviews: "And she's married and has babies, right?"
"I know. And I'm a girl so we can't have babies together but, you know, I just love her."

Monday: "My friend's band is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Thursday: "Explains 'Somersault'" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Friday: "If I could ask" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 7:30am CST

Thursday: Explains 'Somersault'
Lenka of Decoder Ring

Listen Now

"Hi. This is Lenka from Decoder Ring. "Somersault" is the theme song to the movie Somersault. And it's the reason why I joined up with Decoder Ring because they were an instrumental band before and they decided they needed female vocals for a song or two on the album. And it's about, I co-write the lyrics with the director of the film, and it's about the idea. It's kind of a truth idea about love. In that, if you can breathe in a person's air and their breath into you, you've got a little piece of them forever. In this girl's sentimental memory of the boy that's what she holds on to.

The movie is coming out in April in the States and the soundtrack Somersault is coming out in May. This film, it's an art house film, but it was a really successful film in Australia. The film and the album both won heaps of awards. It's was kind of a buzz film a couple of years ago. So, it will probably get an art house release over here, but you should look out for it because it's a gorgeous film"

Decoder Ring - "Somersault"

Monday: "My friend's band is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Thursday: "Explains 'Somersault'" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Friday: "If I could ask" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 7:00am CST

Wednesday: My favorite city to play in is
Lenka of Decoder Ring

Listen Now

"Hi. This is Lenka from Decoder Ring. My favorite city to play in is New York, of course. Because, I'm here right now and it's just been quite mind-blowing. And it's great to just be here, for a reason, to do gigs. And the gigs that we've done have been amazing and we've had lots of fans in the audience. It's the coolest city in the world. What more can you say?"

IndieInterviews: "You like playing there more than in Australia?"

"Well, playing in Australia it's a different thing because everyone knows our songs. And they kinda get really excited when they hear them and everyone dances. And also, we play to big festivals like 5,000 kids in the audience (often it's kids) having a great time. Sometimes it's in the day and it's a very different atmosphere. But I'm way more excited about New York right now because it's where I am and it's different, you know?"

Monday: "My friend's band is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Thursday: "Explains 'Somersault'" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Friday: "If I could ask" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 8:38pm CST

Tuesday: The new record I'm into is
Lenka of Decoder Ring

Listen Now

"Hi. This is Lenka from Decoder Ring. The new record I'm into is Cat Power - The Greatest. I have a lot of her albums and I really love her. Being on tour at the moment, I've been listening to it a lot because it's extremely soulful.  It's really nice to come home after a crazy night and just, sort of, be nourished."

Cat Power - The Greatest - Cat Power - The Greatest

Monday: "My friend's band is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Thursday: "Explains 'Somersault'" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Friday: "If I could ask" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 12:17am CST

Monday: My friend's band is
Lenka of Decoder Ring

Listen Now

"Hi. This is Lenka from Decoder Ring. My friend's band is Sia. She's an Australian artist that has a record out in America called Colour the Small One. And I'm actually right now having red wine with her. But, well, not right now. She's not sitting right next to me. She's in the bar. I'm in the foyer. Anyways. I love her because she's mad, spontaneous and wonderful. And the album is just gorgeous."

Sia - Colour the Small One - Sia - Colour the Small One

Monday: "My friend's band is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Tuesday: "The new record I'm into is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Wednesday: "My favorite city to play in is" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Thursday: "Explains 'Somersault'" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Friday: "If I could ask" by Lenka of Decoder Ring
Category:Weekly Feature -- posted at: 9:41pm CST

Episode 35: Clem Snide

A lot of people are putoff by Clem Snide 'cause they aren't sure if it's being sincere or not. If it's a joke or if it's serious. And I like that about it. But some people don't. But you know whatever, I don't need to buy them a Christmas present or anything.

Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide
Direct download: Episode_35__Clem_Snide.mp3
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Episode 34: Mates of State On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Kori Gardner of Mates of State. Gardner discusses an expansion in studio sounds, the impact of having a child, and forecasted reviews for Bring It Back.

IndieInterviews Insider assistance from Clever Titles Are So Last Summer, So Much Silence and Underrated Blog.

Direct download: Episode_34__Mates_of_State.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:41pm CST

Episode 33: David Bazan On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with David Bazan of Pedro The Lion. David discusses departing from the Pedro The Lion moniker, including profanity in his music, and looking back at the 10 years of Pedro The Lion.
Direct download: Episode_33__David_Bazan.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with George Hunter of Catfish Haven. Hunter discusses joining Secretly Canadian, the impact of the Catfish Haven upbringing, and his love of classic song hooks.
Direct download: Episode32_CatfishHaven.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Josh Grier of Tapes 'n Tapes. Josh discusses the impact of blogs on the band's success, returning to Minneapolis after a successful tour, and The Loon's relationship with Minnesota.
Direct download: Episode31_TapesnTapes.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with J.Tillman. Tillman discusses transplanting from New York City to Seattle, meeting his recording and touring partners, and the varying approaches he's used with previous recordings.

Interlude snippets used with permission of J.Tillman & Keep Recordings.

Direct download: Episode30_J_Tillman.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family. Seth discusses the band's origin and influence from New York, their changing studio approach, the band's similarities with Young God Records' Michael Gira.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Akron/Family and Young God Records.

Direct download: Episode29_Akron_Family.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Ramesh Srivastava of Voxtrot. Ramesh discusses the band's interest and appreciation of blogs, the process of developing the new EP and the band's plans for South By Southwest.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Voxtrot

Download The Start of Something ( IndieFeed Alt/Mod Channel )

Direct download: Episode_28__Voxtrot.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:33pm CST Nominated for the 2006 Bloggies It's a great honor to have this nomination. This is the first year for the podcast category and we've made it to the final 5.

Other excellent sites who made it to the finals:

Best Canadian Weblog:
Best Writing of a Weblog: Said the Gramophone
Best Teen Weblog: You Aint No Picasso

Best of luck to those guys. Voting closes next Tuesday so take a moment and pat and these three blogs on the back.

Category:General -- posted at: 9:45pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Chris Hrasky of Explosions in the Sky. Chris discusses the band's decision to relocated to Midland for writing, their involvement with the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights, and the stories behind future songs.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Explosions in the Sky

Download Your Hand in Mine ( IndieFeed Alt/Mod Channel )

Direct download: Episode_27__Explosions_in_the_Sky.mp3
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IndieInterviews Insider Program has opened a new chapter. Part 2.

We are opening our metaphorical doors to involve whomever wants to be involved. The new feature is titled "IndieInterviews Insider".

The program will establish a mailing list for two-way communication between IndieInterviews and our listeners. An IndieInterviews Insider will have privileged information on upcoming interviews and the ability to submit questions via the mailing list. It will also show questions that have been accepted throughout the process: from booking to conducting. If your question is used, you will be mentioned on the site and if applicable, your blog will be linked. Podcast posts are also attached to all files available on respective iTunes episodes. Of course, not all questions will be accepted and we will try to set to it that the interviews have a good balance of Insider questions and those developed by

It will allow the participants to assist in the interview development. Basically, it would just invite others to feel heard and involved.

If you want to be involved with the IndieInterviews Insider program, simply email

Category:Insider Program -- posted at: 1:43am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Jana Hunter. Jana discusses her recording approaches, the growing Austin folk scene, and her thoughts on her musical movement peers.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Jana Hunter

Jana Hunter

Download Restless ( IndieFeed Folk Channel )

Direct download: Episode_26__Jana_Hunter.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:58pm CST is joining the IndieFeed network. Where IndieInterviews supplies interesting interviews with indie artists, IndieFeed promotes and introduces artists through full-length legal and free mp3s.

IndieFeed was selected as one of Business Week Online's Top Rated Podcast Podcast Picks and Yahoo! Finance has made a buzz about IndieFeed. IndieFeed is the proud member of the DC Podcast Network and the Association of Music Podcasting.

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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Raymond Raposa of Castanets. The soft spoken Raposa discusses networking and his recording crews, the power night had on First Light's Freeze, and the differences in writing for songs and writing for prose.

Castanets snippets used with permission of New Jerusalem Music
Direct download: Episode_25__Castanets.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:01pm CST

This post was also previously published at Over the last month, that site has really exploded with content and style.

The Essential MIX is still being finalized -- "Essential" demands a lot of attention. Friday most likely.

Add your opinions on additional Texas bands who should be on this list.

Ten Texas Bands Who Will Impact 2006

Baptist Generals (Denton)

Denton's Chris Flemmons has high hopes for his band and their next record. His aspirations to develop pure beauty in a lo-fi shell was present on 2003's No Silver/No Gold. If time and effort are equal to blood and tears, Revolutionary Modern Heart (tentative spring release - SubPop) will be both bloody and tearsoaked.

Bosque Brown (Denton/Stephenville)

National touring acts rarely take note of their local counterparts, Bosque Brown not only amazed Damien Jurado but has been asked for as tour support by many others (Two Gallants and John Vanderslice). Her gothic sound resonates venues and leaves audiences wanting more. See this band live and you'll agree.

Jana Hunter (Austin)

After an amazing year, including a split with freak-folker Devendra Banhart and tour dates with like-minded Castanets and Deerhoof, 2006 should be an even stronger year for Jana Hunter. Her late 2005 release, Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom, is gaining audience interest and press attention. IndieInterviews thinks she might be the reincarnation of Nico.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (Austin)

After three years recording and scrapping sessions, Chosen Darkness signed to Secretly Canadian and have finalized their debut LP, Fear Is On Our Side, due March 7, 2006. Using a studio shared with Austinites ...Trail of Dead, the band has developed a sound expanding from their popular 2003 self-titled EP (or as their press release writes "[on the new release,] ILYBICD breaks out of any genre-specific molds").
**NEW MP3 - According To Plan**

Knife in the Water (Austin)

Since impressing many with their 2003's Cut The Cord, Knife in the Water has been touring extensively and recently have been working in south Austin on their upcoming record Viet Kieu. The band's country-fused psychedelia has garnered them foreign and a growing domestic attention. Heavy touring is expected in Texas and their home away from home, Europe.

Midlake (Denton)

Expanding on the European successes of fellow Denton artists, 5-piece Midlake signed to English label Bella Union and released 2004's Bamnan and Slivercork. After a brief tour with Rilo Kiley, Midlake spent most of 2005 working diligently on their sophomore release Van Occupanther.

Pilotdrift (Texarkana)

The band's recent release Water Sphere, a Good Records release, has got them much local press and excellent local bills. They will join fellow Good Records labelmates, Polyphonic Spree, at the band's annual winter show. If the band's successes continue to leave the DFW area, who knows what well happen. The band will have their chance for this as they nationally support Supergrass in February.

Shearwater (Austin)

Unfairly confined to the weaker placement in their relationship with Okkervil River, Shearwater will define their identity as Texas' most accurate rock band: expansive, beautiful and yet, full of lament. After their 2005 EP release Thieves and touring with The Mountain Goats, Jonathan Meiburg has written, recorded and is now finalizing their next full-length, Palo Santo, planned for April 22, 2006 Misra release.

Sound Team (Austin)

The band's most recent EP, Work EP, explains what this band does most of their time. The band has been working on a major label full length with Mike McCarthy and Alan Moulder, whose collective resumes include Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon and My Bloody Valentine. The record, which the band has been working on for over a year, should be evidence of their passion, effort and work.

Voxtrot (Austin)

Their EP Raised By Wolves has gotten the band massive press in the blogsphere (including SPIN Band of the Day). The band's history includes major love from their Austin homebase, from home shows to sell out shows at Emo's, the band has broadened their audience greatly after SXSW and CMJ showcases. Their full length record is in the works and should amplify from the era fusing pop featured on their EP.

Category:General -- posted at: 7:44pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Honus Honus of Man Man. Ryan Kattner AKA Honus Honus discusses recording their debut, the impact of member changes on Six Demon Bag, and the challenge of covering a classic.

Six Demon Bag Tracklisting:
01. Feathers
02. Engrish Bwudd
03. Banana Ghost
04. Young Einstein On The Beach
05. Skin Tension
06. Black Mission Goggles
07. Hot Bat
08. Push The Eagle's Stomach
09. Spider Cider
10. Van Helsing Boombox (MP3)
11. Tunneling Through The Guy
12. Fishstick Gumbo
13. Ice Dogs

Direct download: Episode_24__Man_Man.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:11pm CST was mentioned in the January SPIN magazine. was an Essential podcast on their Essential MIX.

So that being said, if you just landed here, welcome. There are many ways to listen to our podcasts. For iTunes users, the preferred option is the simple 1-Click Subscription icon on the left. You can also listen in any browser by clicking POD next to the podcast you want to hear.

If you would like to show your support, vote for us at Podcast Alley or Podcast Pickle. Some reviews on our iTunes page might be better than any gift.

For Tuesday -- we'll be revealing an Essential MIX of our own: like SPIN - 15-songs/5-podcasts suggested listening list.

Also, we will release an interview with Man Man featuring music from their future record, Six Demon Bag. Until then, here's a taste of the new record.
Category:General -- posted at: 2:11am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set. Andrew discusses choosing Arts & Crafts, the impact of Brooklyn on Set Free, and making the decision to discontinue touring.
Direct download: Episode_23__American_Analog_Set.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:06pm CST

And we sorta agree. Since the record is amazing, Sufjan owns top spot on their list & #2 on ours. However, our #1 (Decemberists - Picaresque) is their #26.

They do give much love to interviewees of
44: Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering - [Fat Cat]
26: The Decemberists - Picaresque - [Kill Rock Stars]
18: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
08: LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem - [DFA]

4 of 50 this year (8%). Next year, we're aiming for greater than 50% and to catch a bunch that are on this list. Consider it a resolution, if you must.

Read the whole list and their rationalizations.

Category:General -- posted at: 10:06am CST

According to a filmed welcome from Tim DeLaughter shown before the rock portion of The Polyphonic Spree's 6th Annual Holiday Extravaganza, the Spree's next record will officially be titled The Fragile Army. A release date is unknown but the band has been working in Dallas with the ultratalented producer John Congleton (also of The Paperchase).

Mike Mills, the writer/director of the film Thumbsucker, described the Spree --
I think The Spree is all about fragility - as big and happy as they can sound, they are sort of 'The Fragile Army' to me. I am very lucky I got to meet all these people and that they helped me so much as a person and as a filmmaker - It makes life seem really exciting.
Mills might have known the title at the time or based on his quote, DeLaughter and band confirmed this title.

More details of the record can be heard in the IndieInterviews September podcast with Tim DeLaughter.
Category:General -- posted at: 3:31am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Rogue Wave. The band (Gram LeBron, Zach Rogue, Pat Spurgeon, Evan Farrell (not present)) discusses learning to work together, expanding their sound and the assistance of four-track recording.
Direct download: Episode_22__Rogue_Wave.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:54pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with John Roderick of The Long Winters. John discusses touring's impact, writing about relationships, and his thoughts on life's ultimatums.

This is an extended 30-minute episode.
Direct download: Episode_21__The_Long_Winters.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:30am CST

Andrew Bird
& The Mysterious Production of Eggs

MP3: A Nervous Tic... | NPR Story

Lyrically, one of the most impressive records I have ever heard. Bird's allusions and metaphors have scattered this record with gems of literary and auditory beauty. His layering of whistles, raw electric guitar and his technical violin parts work into one of the year's most unique and skilled releases. These songs all start by escalating in way that you've swallowed the lure whole before you know otherwise. & The Mysterious Production of Eggs leads you on an irresistible journey of Thai butterflies, calcium, GPS, monsters and more.

Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

MP3: Banquet | Full D.C. Concert (NPR)

The promotion for this record was so ambitious it was nearly a turn off. The quote from Uncut or NME referred to the record, as early as February, as one of the year's best records. From the first notes of "Like Eating Glass", the energy of the record is overwhelming. The record's less successful tracks are surrounded by single suited songs. The consistent layers of guitars and vocals makes listening to the record soothing and yet energizing.

Rogue Wave
Descended Like Vultures

MP3: Publish My Love | 10:1

After loving Out Of The Shadows over the last two years, I had massive expectations for the band and the record. The 10:1 EP worked to wet the appetite. "10:1" is one of Rogue Wave's strongest songs: the recording zips, squeals and creaks established a ripened character for the band's sophomore attempt. The charm of is the record's pacing and order. The acoustic numbers shows a clarity of a singer/songwriter and quickly is followed by elaborate full pop songs showcasing the tight entity that Rogue Wave has become.

The Heartless Bastards
Stairs and Elevators

MP3: Onions | New Resolution

This band opened for Drive-By Truckers November 2004. The band was signed by Fat Possum based on a strong suggestion from The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carneyand. The Heartless Bastards joined the label and released Stairs and Elevators in February 2005. The recording's raw quality catches you off-guard. After a few listens, you realize it more accurately reflects the band's efforts than a glossy recording. The blues community has had many female powerhouses. However at 5'2" and blonde, Erika Wennerstrom has created her own chapter. Stairs and Elevators has more attitude than you expect of any band's debut.

J. Tillman
I Will Return

MP3: Lilac Hem | Cecille, My Love

Richard Buckner, Damien Jurado and Dolorean played a sold out show in Austin in a nontraditional venue. The night was amazing. Dolorean opened and established a smooth foundation for the night. After Dolorean finished their short set, a thin, tall, scruffy man entered the stage wielding a guitar and said "Damien asked me to come out and play you a song." He didn't say his name or the title of the song. He stayed on stage playing guitar with Damien Jurado. After the show, the man was guarding the merch booth. I asked what his name was and if he had any music available. At that point in time, he handed me a copy of a burned disc. The record got picked up by KEEP Records and was released very limitedly. Look forward to a future release from this amazing songwriter.

Ryan Adams
Jacksonville City Nights

MP3: The Hardest Part | Pitchfork Review

People aren't making records with the way Adams does it. The urgency of the record is felt with each additional listen. The masks Ryan puts on and shares with the listener are an anthology of pain and loss. This is the most Whiskeytown-like record that Ryan has recorded since going solo. Everyone says it's Heartbreaker. Which no doubt is a compliment but it also puts Jacksonville City Nights in a shadow that isn't necessary or accurate. If Cold Roses could have been limited to a single disc and allowed to stew for 8 months, it would be Jacksonville City Nights.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

MP3: This Tidal Wave of Young Blood | IndieInterviews Podcast

The jovial nature of this release carries the dozen cuts through the blurs of words and swamp of keyboards. Cheated by the dozens of comparisons and celebrity namechecks the band receives, CYHSY! have double the duties to establish a sound and image of their own. Luckily, the band's debut CYHSY! captures the carnival atmosphere and fused it into a well paced rock record. The future for this group is blindingly bright.

The Octopus Project
One Ten Hundred Thousand Million

MP3: Music Is Happiness | IndieInterviews Podcast

Great records must have many human characteristics: body (substance through instruments), emotion (lyrical or tonal feelings), thought (efficiency) and a heartbeat (the record's soul). This record, in all the variety of songs, always accentuates the record's heartbeat. This element unifies the eleven tracks. The use of samples defines the brilliance of The Octopus Project: subtle, clever and with intent. The accuracy and precision in this record astonishes me. The fine tuning of One Then Hundred Thousand Million is the crux of it's beauty.

Sufjan Stevens

MP3: Chicago | The Lord God Bird (NPR Story)

I often wonder if Sufjan predicts the joy listeners experience as we trek through these states along his side. I've visited Illinois. I have stories of Chicago and Urbana. However, it takes the genius of Stevens to illustrate these cities and towns as done on Illinoise. Sufjan's stint at the New School has never been so present; as through these lovely short fictions (disguised as songs), Stevens shares the histories, thoughts and emotions of this interesting state. Although Seven Swans received heavy rotation, I was cautiously anticipating the continued religious subtleties. However on this record, Sufjan shines more light into the struggles of piety and the disappointment which results. Illinoise's 74 minutes make for a lush, descriptive, and yet, beautifully authentic glimpse at the Land of Lincoln.

The Decemberists

MP3: The Engine Driver | IndieInterviews Podcast

After Castaways and Cutouts and last year's Her Majesty, the momentum was building for a powerful record. This record layered with adjectives and characters so thick that Meloy's idols alive and dead must be rejoicing. The vocals are placed perfectly ahead of everything else. As the band's stage show has grown into something of it's own, as have the records. This record persuade the listener to want to see it live. This factor is surely a massive success from any musician's perspective. Decemberists multi-instrumentalist Chris Funk correctly defined Picaresque as a truly quintessential Decemberists record.

In addition, Michael Bravata of the Dallas area Rockwall Herald-Banner shared his list with

Top 10 Records of 2005:
10. Sigur Ros - Takk
9. Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase
8. Xiu Xiu - La Foret
7. Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures
6. Broken Social Scene - S/T
5. Deerhoof - The Runners Four
4. Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
3. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
2. Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary
1. Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Category:General -- posted at: 5:30am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Dan Bunny of Bunny Brains. Dan discusses his ambitious approach to making music, and the audience perception of their live show and recordings.
Direct download: Episode_20__Bunnybrains.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:54pm CST

If you are here, you have successfully been transfered from the domain or been linked from elsewhere. Our domain has been unavailable for certain browser users. We are fixing this and should all be fixed within the next day. Sorry.
Category:General -- posted at: 12:29am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with all four members of the band The Octopus Project. The band discusses the band's structure, making a sophomore record, and the power of MySpace.
Direct download: Episode_19__The_Octopus_Project.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:00am CST

One of Sub Pop's newest roster adds, Band of Horses, have recently released the details of their upcoming full-length. The record titled Everything All The Time will be released on March 21, 2006.

In addition, they have announced a performance at Sundance Film Fest with fellow Sub Pop bands Iron & Wine and Fruit Bats.

The tracklisting for Everything All The Time:
1. The First Song
2. Wicked Gil
3. Our Swords
4. The Funeral
5. Pt. 1
6. The Great Salt Lake
7. Weed Party
8. I Go to the Barn Because I Like The
9. Monsters
10. St. Augustine

The band is also finishing an EP which is planned to be released sometime after the full-length's March 21st release date.
Category:General -- posted at: 3:35pm CST

Two Gallants are slowly becoming a band whose press attention matches the duo's impressive talent. As the band's full-length, What the Toll Tells, sits ready for it's mid-February release date, they have an incredible single released in little over a week. The 7" title Las Cruces Jail is also the title for the first track starting the forthcoming record. The band plays tonight in Germany as they pass the midpoint of their European tour with The Decemberists and Ben Weaver.

The podcast the band conducted with IndieInterviews touches on the upcoming record and the expectations of What the Toll Tells.

Las Cruces Jail 7" Single
Release Date: December 6, 2005

Track Listing
1. Las Cruces Jail (MP3)
2. Long Summer Day (Acoustic)
Category:General -- posted at: 7:30am CST

While I was in college, I had the opportunity to work as DJ and later Program Producer for the college station, KTSW. The music director at the time set up lots of fantastic in-studio performances. In February 2005, Rogue Wave stopped in for a 5 song acoustic set. The band had previously played in the fall of 2004 in the smaller on-air studio.

The band's performance was amazing. Amongst the tracks they played at KTSW was a cover of Nirvana's On A Plain.

Rogue Wave - On A Plain.mp3 - Live On KTSW (2/13/05) - Currently Down

The band begins their tour tonight in Portland. For more details on this tour, visit their site or MySpace.
Category:General -- posted at: 7:39pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. James discusses remixing and being remixed, the variety of venues in which the band performs and looking forward to a new record.

This podcast is an extended 30 minute episode.
Direct download: Episode_18__LCD_Soundsystem.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:00pm CST

There are so many excellent shows from now to Christmas in Dallas we can hardly handle it.
The Cavern
11/13 - Dios Malos/Swords
11/21 - Man Man
12/02 - Castanets/Phosphorescent/Voxtrot

Gypsy Tea Room
11/11 - Metric/Death of a Party
11/17 - Super Furry Animals/Caribou
11/18 - My Morning Jacket/Will Johnson/David Dondero

Hailey's (Denton)
11/11 - Deerhoof
11/18 - Broadcast
12/09 - Rogue Wave
12/10 - Xiu Xiu

11/13 - Sound Team/Mazarin
11/30 - American Analog Set

We're sure there are a lot more amazing shows but this is the list within arms-reach.
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The band's sophomore full length, What The Toll Tells, will be released in the US on February 21.

The tracklist:
1 - Las Cruces Jail
2 - Steady Rollin'
3 - Some Slender Rest
4 - Long Summer Day
5 - The Prodigal Son
6 - Threnody in Minor B
7 - 16th St. Dozens
8 - Age of Assassins
9 - Waves of Grain
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel of Two Gallants. The band discusses joining Saddle Creek, making a sophomore record, The Throes in hindsight and going analog.

Includes "Las Cruces Jail" off 2006's What the Toll Tells.

Direct download: Episode_17__Two_Gallants.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart. Aaron discusses the departure from Palm, working with The Ship Collective, and dealing with struggles and their presence on Treble & Tremble.

The collaboration Aaron is referring to in the interview is:

An untitled release featuring:
1. Earlimart - Chinga's In The West
2. Grandaddy - I Heart California
3. Grandaddy - Red Curbs
4. Earlimart - The Ending Of Me

The record was recorded in 4 days at Espinoza's Los Angeles studio "The Ship." Espinoza described the project, featuring Grandaddy members Jim Fairchild, Aaron Burtch, and Jason Lytle along with Earlimart members Ariana Murray, David Latter, Joel Graves, and Aaron Espinoza, as "the most in-depth project that [Grandaddy's Jason Lytle and Espinoza] have worked on together."
Direct download: Episode_16__Earlimart.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with David Dondero. David discusses writing on the road, joining Team-Love and writing South Of The South.
Direct download: Episode_15__David_Dondero.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Vashti Bunyan. Vashti discusses returning to writing music, recording Lookaftering, and her thoughts looking back at Just Another Diamond Day.
Direct download: Episode_14__Vashti_Bunyan.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Alec Ounsworth of the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!. Alec discusses the band's first national and international tours, recording the acclaimed debut, and the band's plans for the future.
Direct download: Episode_13__Clap_Your_Hands_Say_Yeah.mp3
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Sound Team is yet another amazing Austin band on the verge of massive success. Two-thirds of the band's six members attended the same high school in San Antonio, TX. There they played and recorded music with a variety of groups. Sooner or later, the band grew and developed into the current lineup present today.

Bassist/multi-instrumentalist Bill Baird and vocalist/guitarist Matt Oliver met in Austin in 2001. The band has a young fanbase, being as in 2002, Baird asked his younger brother Michael and Michael’s friend Jordan Johns to join the band. Both of the guys were in high school at the time. Over the next two years the band added Bill's old friend and guitarist Sam Sanford and organist Gabe Pearlman to establish the Sound Team present on their new record "Work".

The independent group released their initial recordings on CD-Rs, limited press 7-inch vinyls, several cassettes, with each release and show garnering gradual audience and press attention. After months of searching, Bill stumbled upon former record-pressing plant filled with "three tons of garbage, asbestos and cockroaches." After finding the location, the band invested and became the owners of Big Orange Records and soon began making handmade records. Sound Team's next record, Work is the band's last self-released release prior to their debut record on Capitol in spring of 2006. On Work, a 5 track EP released, 185-gram vinyl and, like habit, cassette tape, the band continues its style of synth and guitar waves and rhythmic evolutions.

The band has had sporadic touring schedules(last playing hometown Austin at SXSW) and has been in the studio for months. They are doing a two week tour up to NYC where they played CMJ's Summerstage with Arcade Fire. This tour will be with Mazarin.

11/10/05 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Red Star
11/11/05 - Houston, TX @ TBA
11/12/05 - Austin, TX @ Emo's (Inside)
11/13/05 - Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room
11/14/05 - Norman, OK @ Opolis
11/16/05 - Minneapolis, MN @ 400 Bar
11/17/05 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
11/19/05 - Cleveland, OH @ Beachland
11/22/05 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
11/23/05 - Philadelphia, PA @ Northstar

Their latest release has the image designed by Sam Sanford. It's a three and half feet square canvas with the details of the album.

Sound Team - Don't Turn Away
Sound Team - It's Obvious What's Happening Here
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On Saturday in Denton, something really interesting is happening. Rock Lottery 7 is the 7th anniverary of Good/Bad's Rock Lottery. The event has been organized by former Good/Bad music coordinator Chris Weber, former Good/Bad director Martin Iles, Chris Flemmons (The Baptist Generals), and Samantha Moss (jetscreamer).

The idea behind Rock Lottery 7 is twenty-five North Texas musicians collaborating on a impromptu (they have 12 hours) performance. The band members include band members from The Polyphonic Spree, Baptist Generals, Bosque Brown, Mandarin and The pAperchAse. Here are the details:

Saturday, October 15th 2005 (10:00PM)
Early admission is $15.00*. General admission is $10.00.
Dan's Silver Leaf 103 Industrial Street Denton, TX.
Doors open at 9:00PM. Event starts promptly at 10:00PM.

For more information and a live webcast, will have all the details. The site author is also going to be webcasting from The Octopus Project's in-store at Good Records. There will be a podcast with them in future weeks.
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Chris Funk of the band The Decemberists. Chris discusses the band's writing process, recording Picaresque, and the band's post-tour plans.
Direct download: Episode_12__The_Decemberists.mp3
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Often when you get a new record, comparisons immediately hit. Other times, you are mesmerized and it takes days to set bearings for the sound. Bosque Brown's Plays Mara Lee Miller was initially a mystery. After listening to the voice and lyric content for a week, my bearings are set. There is a lot of talk around the indie rock scene of the relationship between Joanna Newsom and SMOG's Bill Callahan. Rarely does the discussion of offspring come about. However, if I had to guess what their talent fusion would be, it would be Bosque Brown: an innocence coupled with troubled thoughts and fears.

Bosque Brown is the moniker Mara Lee Miller uses. Her debut record, Plays Mara Lee Miller, is a collage of haunting songs which reflect a time far from today.

Most new female indie vocalists get compared to Cat Power's Chan Marshall and/or Joni Mitchell. But for Miller to get that would be truly an injustice. Her lyrics and tone are far before Chan herself. This is the music that Gillian Welch would love. Those that tell stories of the rapture and times of old. Miller's friend and supporter Damien Jurado compared her "the heartache of Kitty Wells and the lonesome howl of Robert Johnson", which might be most accurate. Upon first listen, one realizes how long it's been since a voice has had such impact.

After playing dates with Jurado, Miller and crew went to record with producer Eric Fisher in Seattle. Fisher has worked with Jurado, Damien's friend and touring band member J. Tillman. Tillman's records also share this ghost fashion Bosque Brown has presented on this record.

Based in Denton, the band has a few dates in the Dallas area in upcoming weeks:
10/21/05 - Richardson, TX @ University of Texas - Dallas, Student Union Mall w/Shiny Around the Edges & More
10/28/05 - Denton, TX @ Hailey's w/ John Vanderslice
11/07/05 - Dallas, TX @ The Cavern w/ Unwed Sailor

Bosque Brown's Mara Lee Miller is currently working on a one-sided LP which will have four new songs and an etching on the other side.

Bosque Brown - Still Afraid
Bosque Brown - Went Walking
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Though SubPop's RSS feed noted October 5th as the date the Fruit Bats would perform on the Last Call with Carson Daly show, something was wrong.

It wasn't tonight so if you stayed up, set TiVo or generally altered your schedule in any way for it, feels your pain and regrets the misguided information.

The correct date is October 12th, exactly one week from the date noted before. Bright side is the interview with his thoughts on the Carson performance is relevent for one more week! Enjoy.
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We're less than two weeks out from the worldwide release of The Black Angels self-titled debut EP. The Austin-based six piece has had massive European exposure and acclaim in little over a year and half. Though the band takes their name from a Velvet Underground track, they sound much like a modern-day The Doors. The extending moans of vocalist Alex Mass and the organ playing of Jennifer Raines make the comparison fair. With a demo track entitled "Syd Barrett Blues", it's really clear to see the psychedelic connections the band has received.

The band played Austin's KVRX radio last year broadening their local fanbase. In addition, The Black Angels have been raised under the loving hand of BBC's Zane Lowe, who has generously spinned their music on BBC Radio. The group has wild backgrounds which surely worked as foundation for the haunting sounds on record.

The band has a few dates coming up with the most buzzed band of 2005, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

10/12/05 - Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room w/ CYHSY!
10/13/05 - Dallas, TX @ The Double-Wide
10/16/05 - San Antonio, TX @ Sanctuary
10/17/05 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement
10/18/05 - Wash, DC @ Black Cat w/ CYHSY!
10/19/05 - Baltimore, MD @ 8x10 Club w/ CYHSY!
10/27/05 - Athen, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/ The High Caliber
10/31/05 - Raleigh, NC @ King's Barcade w/ Glissade
And More...

Seattle-based Light In The Attic will release the band's first record, a 4 song EP, worldwide (except North America) October 17th and then stateside the following day. Additionally, the band intends to release a debut LP in early 2006 after extensive American and European tours.

The Black Angels - Empire Lonely
The Black Angels - Grease
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Eric Johnson of the band Fruit Bats. Eric discusses moving to Seattle, recording Spelled in Bones, and the dual life of a craft services musician.
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Secretly Canadian has done an amazing job adding new bands to it's roster: I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness and Catfish Haven. The latter is a solid three-piece who've toured with groups like My Morning Jacket & Kings of Leon. Guitar, bass, and drums are the band's simple palate. The band calls Chicago home but take their name from the Missouri trailer park guitarist and vocalist George Hunter was raised.

In addition to playing CMJ weeks back, the band has a handful of dates in the next few weeks.

10/05/05 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
10/06/05 - Osh Kosh, WI @ University of Wisconsin w/ Decibully
10/08/05 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
10/09/05 - New Haven, CT @ BAR Nightclub
10/28/05 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
10/29/05 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
10/30/05 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop

The band's first record will be a 7-track EP called Please Come Back released in January 2006. They are also working on a full-length being released later next spring.

Catfish Haven - Madaline
Catfish Haven - Please Come Back
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Band of Horses have just finalized the record due in March 2006 on SubPop. They have had great reception from Southern audiences. About the time they signed to SubPop, the band did a short Deep South tour with Iron & Wine. The band's debut release was produced with Phil Ek (Doug Martsch from Halo Benders to 2002's solo Now You Know and also SubPop's own The Shins.)
Band of Horses will quickly get sound comparisons to My Morning Jacket; mainly due to the shared love of thick reverb between Jim James and Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell.
While we wait for the record, SubPop is also selling a previously tour-only limited-pressed EP which features 3 demos and 3 live recordings.
Band of Horses will leave home for a short 8 date tour up the West Coast with Jagjaguwar's Okkervil River.

10/20 - Tucson, AZ @ Plush
10/21 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah
10/22 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
10/23 - San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord
10/24 - Redding, CA @ Serendipity
10/25 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
10/27 - Vancouver, BC @ Media Club
10/28 - Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile Cafe

Band Of Horses - For Wicked Gil
Band Of Horses - Funeral
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The Octopus Project are running the show in Austin, TX. If they aren't, they should be. With three members their records have the intensity of a much larger group. The band is overdue for credit for their impressive 2005 release One Ten Hundred Thousand Million. This record is an amazing fusion of chaos and melodies or "showcases the ultimate potential of this electronic/acoustic union."

They have just booked a handful of Texas dates (October shows below). The show in Dallas with Saxon Shore will be discussed here later.

10/15 - Dallas, TX @ Good Records (2pm)
10/15 - Dallas, TX @ The Cavern
10/29 - Houston, TX @ Walter's

The Octopus Project - The Adjustor
The Octopus Project - Music Is Happiness
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Two Gallants are one of those bands that you see as support and totally crush the stage presence of a headliner. They have 1 full-length record, The Throes, out on Alive Records. Their follow-up will be out on the Omaha label Saddle Creek. They have just finished a short European tour and played the Saddle Creek Showcase at CMJ.

They also have a show this Sunday in Denton, TX at Dan's Silverleaf. The venue's chill tone and Stella Artois should make the night very nice.

Two Gallants - Losin' Out

Two Gallants - My Madonna
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Jason Molina of Magnolia Electric Co. Jason discusses their intense touring schedule, writing on the road, and the upcoming records.
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The amazing SubPop band The Fruit Bats will be playing in Dallas tonight. Their new record Spelled In Bones features the artwork of Jay Ryan. He has also worked on art for Andrew Bird's latest record, I Am Kloot poster, and other amazing illustrations.
The Fruit Bats are playing tonight at The Cavern with Ghosty opening. The band will also be on Last Call with Carson Daly.
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Over the last 4 days, has had the great opportunities to record with Adele Bethel and Ailidh Lennon of Sons And Daughters after their Fort Worth performance last Thursday. Shortly after that we recorded with Chris Funk of The Decemberists. We had to postpone an interview with The DOUBLE due to touring cancellations. However, we recorded with the amazing David Dondero this morning. So a lot is going on and we love feedback. Vote for us at Podcast Alley and we can possibly increase our podcast schedule. Thanks for all the listens so far.
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid will sit down with Tim DeLaughter of the band The Polyphonic Spree. Tim discusses the recent soundtrack release, the structure of the band, and his thoughts of what the future might hold.
Direct download: Episode_9__The_Polyphonic_Spree.mp3
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Today we had the chance to interview Vashti Bunyan while she was in LA on vacation. This will be edited released next week most likely.
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It should all be up and running now, but for a while earlier tonight chaos had control over our site and podcasts. Sorry but enjoy temporary stability & The Wrens.
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On this episode of, we present a special 30-minute podcast with Charles Bissell & Greg Whelan of The Wrens. Earlier this month, your host Garrison Reid conducted a humorous yet noisey interview with the whole band prior to their Denton show. On this podcast, we conducted two seperate phone interviews in which the guys explain the struggles which produced The Meadowlands, the status of touring and the making of the anticipated follow-up.
Direct download: Episode_8__The_Wrens.mp3
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Tomorrow will be the special extra long Wrens podcast. We also have The Polyphonic Spree podcast waiting for release. In addition to these two, this weekend resulted in two additional recordings: Magnolia Electric Co.'s Jason Molina and Earlimart's Aaron Espinoza. They will be edited this week. And likely released on Monday and Wednesday of the following week. There has been a stream of recording that is exceeding the rate of editing. We are going to speed up the rate and hopefully everyone will enjoy. We have another semi-secret podcast which is waiting on audio assistance. As soon as the details are known, the audience will know it all.
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We have a handful coming up this week and two recorded and being edited. Look for a special 30-minute Wrens podcast mid-week and a podcast of a visit with Tim DeLaughter of The Polyphonic Spree recorded within his car. This upcoming weekend will offer another few opportunities. More details when it's in the bag.
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sat down with all 5 members of the band Midlake. Together they discuss their debut record Bamnan and Slivercork, their recent television appearance and the upcoming sophomore release Van Occupanther.

Music Interludes used with permission of Midlake & Bug Music.

Direct download: Episode_7__Midlake.mp3
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid will sit down with Baptist Generals' Chris Flemmons and discuss his most recent release No Silver/No Gold, the process of recording the follow-up and the departure from tape recording.
Direct download: Episode_6__The_Baptist_Generals.mp3
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The interview with Chris Flemmons of The Baptist Generals was excellent and should be available by Monday. Following the interview with Chris, I went down the street to meet all four members of The Wrens. I had an amazing time with these guys and the podcast will without doubt show the hilariousness of the moment. More information by midweek.
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IndieInterviews has interviewed Eric Pulido and Mckenzie Smith of the band Midlake. It will be available soon.
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid sat down with Scout Niblett to discuss her recent label change, her minimalistic approach to recording and her recent release.
Direct download: Episode_5__Scout_Niblett.mp3
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Your host Garrison Reid sat down with Ernest Salaz of I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness to discuss the band's upcoming release, their choice of a new label and producer.
Direct download: Episode_4__I_Love_You_But_Ive_Chosen_Darkness.mp3
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We have conducted our 5th interview with Scout Niblett. The podcast for I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness will be available Wednesday. Scout Niblett on Friday.
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We had a chance to rerecord with Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and this podcast is our first to include live musical elements. It was lovely to enter Jonathan's space and mindset, if only for a few minutes.
Direct download: Episode_2__Shearwater.mp3
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Here it is folks. We'd like to thank Bill Baird and the band for working with us. Again there will be more posted throughout the week.
Direct download: Episode_3__Sound_Team.mp3
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We will be finalizing the Sound Team podcast today and posting this evening. We also will be interviewing members of I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness this evening and should have that edited and available for download by Thursday. The ititial recording with Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg was overwhelmed with Austin's mammoth cicadas and will be rerecorded on Wednesday night. This week is quick and we hope to have 4 new recordings by Friday. Thanks.
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Your host Garrison Reid recently got the chance to sit down with Sound Team founding member Bill Baird at the band's converted studio. The podcast should be available Wednesday.
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We recorded with Jonathan earlier this week. The editing is still in progress. Nature was very alive. In addition to the podcast with Shearwater, we are in discussion with a few other excellent Austin bands. The design will be emplimented in the next two days. Sorry for the delay. It should be worthwhile.
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We have conducted the interview with Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg. In the next following days, it should be edited and available for podcast download. Thank for support of this first one. The new design should be ready by week's end.
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On this show, your host Garrison Reid will sit down with Zykos frontman Michael Booher and discuss their newest self-titled release Zykos.
Direct download: Episode_1__Zykos.mp3
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We have our first podcast completed. Michael Booher of the Austin band Zykos sat down with and will be featured in our first podcast. It is being edited and will be available in the next few days.
Category:General -- posted at: 8:35pm CST

This site and the podcasts are in development. In the next week, we will premiere our initial podcast and a redesign for this site.
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